What is Link3D?

Link3D is a decentralized exchange for our own Link3D token. Every buy increases the price of the token while every sell does the opposite. Link3D holder receive the trading fees of the exchange based on the amount of their holdings. Not only that, you will also receive dividends from our upcoming games and projects.

Refer a friend

Start promoting Link3D and earn 3.33% of the total deposit from the people you invite. You have to own atleast 10 Link3D token to be a eligible for our referral program. You can also choose a username and get a personalized referral link.


Linkfomo will be the next project that will be released by our team to boost dividends of Link3D holders. We want to achieve our goal of being the biggest developer of dApps utilizing Chainlink.


There is no way for anyone to access the funds of other users. It is completly decentralized with an open source code on the Ethereum blockchain, transparency is extremely important for us.
This dApp runs on Chainlink. You need Ethereum for transaction fees and Chainlink to participate. You also need a browser which supports web3 (e.g. Firefox or Chrome with Metamask, Brave etc.)
Nothing! After buying Link3D our contract automatically recognize your holdings and generates dividends in Chainlink. There is also no lock period for sells, transfers or anything else.
There is a 10% buy and 15% sell fee. The trading fee gets instantly distributed to Link3D holders. The sell fee is higher and acts as a penalty to mitigate the risk of decreasing token value therefore sell cycles also benefit the holder with higher dividends to make it easier to hold till the next buy cycle. Another source of dividends will be our future projects which generate dividends for Link3D holders aswell.

Do not send Chainlink directly to the contract use our exchange interface instead. Sending Chainlink directly to the contract address will result in a loss of your tokens.

With a username you can easily advertise with your own personalized referral link (e.g. link3d.io/YourUsername) and earn more. Of course you can also advertise without a username and just your Ethereum address.
You can buy Chainlink on big exchanges like Coinbase Pro, Binance or directly on Uniswap etc.